Get Paid For Your Music

You have worked hard!

Now it is time to get paid for every time your music is played all over the world.

Make money from streaming, live performances, radio play, and song covers.

How To Get More Money?

Performing rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC) do not collect all royalties. They only collect performance royalties and do not collect mechanical royalties. Don’t miss out on getting all of your money! Class Static is connected to rights societies to ensure your money will be collected worldwide.

What We Can Do For You

Not Registered With A Performing Rights Organization?

Take care of all your publishing administration at one place 

We Can Register You & Do Much More!

Copyright Registration

Online Copyright Registration

Protect your music by registering your songs with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Mechanical Royalties

Mechanical Royalties

Collect mechanical royalties in the U.S. and from foreign countries.

Performing Rights Organization

Performing Rights


Organization (PRO)

Not registered with a PRO? We will register you and your songs with a PRO so you can receive performance royalties.

Are you already registered with a PRO but still need your songs registered?

No problem! We will register your songs with the PRO you are affiliated with. 

copyrighted song


Provide updated statements for your royalties.

YouTube mechanical royalties singer


Have your music monitored on YouTube, collect royalties for your songs that you upload, and collect royalties for uploads of your songs by others.

Simple Song Registration 

Simple Song Registration 

Our song registration process is simple!

register your song for copyright

Song Catalog

Provide a song registration catalog. You will be able to receive updates and progress on each song registered with our company.

Pop Band song submission copyright


One-on-one song registration consultation.

Music Publishing Royalties

Class Static 



of music royalties are collected by

Class Static 

Class Static VS Performing Rights Organizations

Class Static 

Class Static collect all mechanical royalties worldwide. We collect royalties from mechanical record sales, mechanical streaming, and direct digital licensing (including YouTube).

 Performing Rights Organizations

Performing Rights Organizations (PRO) collect performance royalties from radio plays, satellite radio, TV, some streaming, and ringtones.

Submit Your Songs 

Song Submissions 


Class Static 

will only work on the behalf of songs that are registered with our company.