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$110.00 one-time registration fee per plan

*Get one-on-one work submission consultations

* Entertainment legal guidance referrals 



$175.00 for work submitted

* Get your work legally protected

*You keep 100% of your copyright


15% administration commission fee

*Keep 85% of your music royalties

*Collect music royalties worldwide

*Collect money from YouTube

For Music & Dance Plans

For Music & Dance Plans

For Music Plans Only

 Business & Legal Services

Need entertainment legal guidance or services?

Want to start your own business or register your business as a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

Need to trademark your logo, slogan, or company name and prevent others from using your logo or company name?

Want to legally protect your work and not worry about other people making money from your hard work?

Class Static’s services are unique compared to other publishing administration companies. In addition to collecting royalties, we provide our clients with business tools and support needed in the music and dance industries to advance their success.
Business & Legal Services
  • Copyright Registration

  • Trademark Services

  • Register Your Business as LLC or other Business Entities

  • Referrals to Entertainment Attorneys

  • Business Contracts Created

  • Business Contracts Reviewed

  • Copyright Infringement Support

 Pricing Comparison


Class Static Productions

  • The one-time registration fee gives clients access to entertainment law firms at reasonable prices and some discounted rates. 

  • One-on-one assistance with form submissions, if needed. 

Other Publishing Admin Companies  

  • Most companies charge a registration fee just for clients to be a member and do not include additional perks or legal services. 


Class Static Productions

  • Class Static puts protecting client's work first by copyrighting client's work for legal protection. We charge $325.00 less for this service compared to most lawyers.

  • You keep 100% copyright ownership and keep full control over your work. 

  • For music creators, clients collect royalties and copyright music by completing one form.  

  • For choreography copyright protection, clients complete one form.

  • 24/7 Copyright Protection Access

Other Companies & Lawyers

  • Most publishing administration companies do not offer copyright services. Putting your work on social media, distributing your work, or performing your work without a U.S. Copyright Certificate puts you in jeopardy of losing money and give other people an opportunity to steal your work.  

  • Most lawyers charge a $500 copyright fee for each work.

  • Traditional music publishers often take 100% of copyright ownership for their client's music. Meaning, their clients do not have control over their music.  


Class Static Productions

  • Charge a 15% commission fee, and clients keep 85% of their royalties.

  • Clients collect royalties and copyright music by completing one form.  

Traditional Publishers

  • Traditional music publishers often take 50% of publishing royalties, and their clients keep 50%. 

Pricing Comparison
Business Services
Female guitarists singing

Class Static services is for songwriters and producers who need both copyright and administration publishing services. Copyright and administration publishing fees will be applied to all songs submitted.

You are able to register as many songs as you want with Class Static. We will work on your behalf and collect your money worldwide.

Song Catalog: Only songs registered with our company will be included in your song catalog. Class Static will not represent songs that are not register with us.

Clients who purchase the Choreographer/Dancer membership only have to pay the copyright fees for each work submitted. Class Static only processes work you submit to us for copyright. 

Class Static clients are able to terminate their contract at any time. If client’s cancel their music creator membership, song royalties will continue to be collected one year after their cancelation. 

Review the complete terms and agreement below. 

Click Here For Terms and Agreement

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