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Why Protect Your Dance?

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Social Media

Live Performances  

Register your dances with Class Static before posting your videos on social media or performing your dances live.

Legally, the first person who registers the copyright of creative work is the legal owner of the creative work like dances/choreography. Just creating a dance and posting it on social media does not legally mean you are the owner of a dance.


If you create a dance and post your dance on social media, without legally protecting your work, someone else can use your work without any consequences and can possibly take your credit. True success in the entertainment business is 90% taking care of business and 10% is based on creativity.  

 Receive Credit For Your Dances

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Get Credit

If you have created original dance moves, you can legally protect your dances by gaining control of your work legally. What does this mean? Class Static Productions can help you secure your dances. You can receive credit for your creativity whenever someone uses your dances. Protecting your dances can lead to potential financial benefits for you.

By registering your work with Class Static, you can spend more time focusing on your creativity. All you have to do is complete a simple online form and we will take care of the rest. 

Did you create your own dances or choreography?

Do you post videos of your original dances on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media sites?

Do you perform your dances in front of live audiences?

Do you want to receive credit for your dances?

How To Protect Your Dance?

Three dancers dancing outside

Steps To Protect Dances

1. Join Class Static

2. Complete Class Static's Choreography Submission Form 

3. Monitor Your Copyright Catalog Status Until It Says Being Reviewed Or Closed. 


4. Post Your Dances On Social Media or Perform Your Dances 

After Your Copyright Catalog Status States Being Reviewed or Closed. 

More Dance Services & Programs

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