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Affiliate Program

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Become An Affiliate

Our affiliate program is designed to work with leading music industry companies, entertainers, youtubers, and social media influencers to promote our services. In return, music industry companies, entertainers, youtubers, and social media influencers who join our affiliate program, receive monthly reimbursements for every copyright work that is submitted by clients who use their coupon code.

Who We Are

Class Static Productions is a copyright and music publishing company here to help songwriters, producers, and choreographers protect their music, protect their dances, and collect money for music creators. We value our client’s success and want to eliminate road blocks to their creative process. With our services, music creators and dance creators can focus on their creativity.



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Dance Creators 
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Your Commission

Rebate Payment Rates:
You will receive a flat-rate commission based on each work clients submit for copyright with your coupon code.

Copyright Fee

Clients pay $175.00 for each work submitted for copyright.

Client Discount

Clients receive a 5% discount each time they use your coupon code when they submit their work for copyright.

Your Rebate Commission

You receive $15 for each time a client submits work for copyright using your coupon code.

 Reimbursement monthly

You receive a reimbursement the 15th of every month, for the previous month.

Additional Perks

Creators receive a free membership with us and can receive up to 3 free copyrights per month.

1 free copyright for every 50 referrals-up to 150 referrals or a 5% off copyright discount.

Next Steps!

Interested In Joining Our Affiliate Program?

Review and sign our Affiliate Program agreement. After the document is signed, someone from our team will contact you to discuss marketing strategies.

We Look Forward To Working With You!  

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